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        Our Philosophy


Team Saximus was originally set up to help a group of local people get healthy who felt imtimidated by mainstream gyms, so the focus was working together as a TEAM to ACHIEVE personal goals to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT each other through the process with no jugdement on ability.


Using my coaching experience from various levels of sport Team Saximus continued to grow and develop and add more to its increasing program but still keeping it available to everyone whether a seasoned athlete or totally new to the whole fitness experience. Our aim is still to work with you to SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and ACHIEVE to walk, run, cycle that first mile to lose weight or tone up, run 5k to a Marathon,

Sprint Triathlon to an Iron Man or just to work out to feel good in mind and body.



To schedule an appointment please call us at 07791 756535 07791 756535 or use our contact form.

Seven ways to become a fitter, better cyclist

1.Up your average speed by 1mph. You can easily go a mile an hour faster on your next ride without even being any fitter, it is all down to technique. ...

2.Ride in total comfort. ...

3.Get more cycling into your week. ...

4.Never get 'the bonk' ...

5.Ride 100 miles. ...

6.Love hills. ...

7.Ride with your mates.

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