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As an advanced Spinning®

Instructor I love my sessions and bring my passion for cycling into every class not to mention fantastic playlists and an awesome studio. 



  Benefits Of Spinning® 

Maximum Calorie Burn In A Short Time. 

Spinning® is the best exercise to burn about 600 calories in 45 minutes. ... 

Improves Heart And Lung Health. ... 

Tones The Muscles. ... 

Strengthens Your Muscles. ... 

Increases Stamina. ... 

Increases Core Strength. ...

Stress Reliever. ... 

Easy On Your Joints.


"You're only one Spin® class away from a good mood"

Our current class programme and schedule

Tuesday  7 - 8 pm


Wednesday 7 - 8 pm


Saturday 9 - 10 am


Sunday  9 - 10 am


Features of the classes:

  • great music
  • careful instruction by Qualified instructors
  • cycling specific sessions





Instructors: SAX and EDIT

We're happy to address all your questions or concerns. Call us at 07791 756535 or use our contact form.

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